Budget 2015: No leadership on Public Health Care.

(Ottawa): For Canadians across this country access to quality public health care is a priority. But the 2015 budget shows once again that this priority is not shared by this Federal Government.

This time last year, we saw the expiration of the Health Accord that had ensured stable funding and quality care for all Canadians. We see again in today’s budget that health care funding needs will not be met. With more cuts ahead, our public health care system is under serious threat.

Beginning in 2017, the six percent annual increase for the health transfer will be replaced with a formula that links the health transfer to economic growth. This measure alone will result in a $36 billion cut in federal funding for health care over the next decade.   “This Federal Government has repeatedly shown that it will starve Canada’s public health care system and create a climate ripe for American-style, for-profit health care.” says Melissa Newitt, Interim National Coordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC).    Canadians expect to see federal leadership to ensure quality care for every region of this country; a universal, national plan for Pharmacare; and a plan to take care of our aging loved ones.

“With no vision for health care in this year’s budget and a Federal Election just around the corner, pressure is on all of our political parties to provide Canadians with a health care platform they can vote for — this is already an election issue.” says Newitt.

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