Despite the recommendations from the Krever Commission and evidence from other countries which show a donor-remunerated plasma system will directly compete with our voluntary system, the Federal government grants a licence for the opening of..Read more

The newly elected Trudeau government announces it withdraws the previous government’s appeal of the 2014 Federal Court decision that found Ottawa’s cuts to refugee health benefits were unconstitutional.

Justice Anne Mactavish of the Federal Court deemed the changes to the Interim Federal Health Programme “cruel and unusual” to refugees and ordered the federal government to reverse those changes and restore the programme to..Read more

The Health Accord expires. Without it, federal funds are given to the provinces and the territories with no strings attached. This means provinces and territories can spend the money however they like, often resulting is..Read more

The federal government announces that it is terminating its funding of the Health Council of Canada. It was formed in 2003 following the Romanow Commission to provide the people of Canada with accountability, oversight, planning,..Read more

The federal government makes cuts to the Interim Federal Health Programme, cutting off access to treatment for chronic diseases including hypertension, angina, diabetes, high cholesterol, and lung disease for refugees.

Cambie Surgical Centre, the Specialist Referral Clinic and a consortium of other for-profit clinics, launched a constitutional challenge against the BC government.

Outspoken advocate for private, for-profit health care, Dr. Brian Day, and the Cambie Surgical Centre faces serious charges after a group of patients filed a legal petition seeking to have the provincial government enforce provincial..Read more

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) elects Dr. Brian Day as President and begins a highly-public 4-year push to break Canada’s public health care system, and allowing extra-billing and double-dipping doctors. Split within CMA leads to..Read more

Jacque Chaoulli wins Supreme Court of Canada case. Evidence from the lower courts was ignored. Resulted in increased calls for a two-tiered private insurance and for-profit health care delivery.


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