Disappointing health accord talks leave Canadians no better off

Ottawa – The Canadian Health Coalition is disappointed with the outcome of today’s health accord talks. While the federal government was optimistic heading into today’s meetings, neither side was willing to move much from their original positioning.

“It’s disappointing that the day was spent deliberating dollars instead of working together to improve the public health care system,” says Adrienne Silnicki, national coordinator, Canadian Health Coalition. We are left wondering how the federal government will ensure the money the provinces are receiving is being spent on public care that’s accessible to everyone. Will the federal government continue to enforce the Canada Health Act and stop the privatization of necessary services like diagnostic imaging in Saskatchewan?

While over three-quarters of Canadians want a National Public Drug Plan, there was no discussion on how to handle the cost of medications. Canadians are continuing to pay the second highest price for medicines in the OECD and an increasing number of Canadians are unable to fill their prescriptions due to cost. “A national public drug plan would save over $11 billion a year, some of that money could be re-invested in public health care,” says Silnicki.

The Canadian Health Coalition is calling for the Federal, provincial and territorial governments to return to the Health Accord negotiation table and work out a deal that is in the best interest of all Canadians.


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Adrienne Silnicki
National Coordinator, Canadian Health Coalition
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