National Medicare Week: Health Care Advocates Send Strong Message to New Government

OTTAWA – This week health care advocates from coast to coast to coast are sending a message to our newly elected government – we expect strong action to preserve and expand our public health care system!

National, provincial and territorial allies of the Canadian Health Coalition are signatories in an open letter to Health Minister Jane Philpott asking her to provide strong leadership and vision on this important file.

“Across this country our public health care system is under attack, whether it is increased user fees in Nova Scotia, the legislation of extra billing through Bill 20 in Quebec or the Dr. Day case in BC,” allies state in the letter.

“Without leadership and reinvestment it will be impossible for our public health care system to meet the needs of people in this country. Currently, there is no plan to care for our aging population and one quarter of people have missed taking prescribed medications because they didn’t have the money,” says Canadian Health Coalition Interim National Coordinator Melissa Newitt. “We need a National Public Drug Plan and a National Strategy for Seniors to meet the needs of our population.”

With the recent commitment of our Prime Minister to work with the provinces to negotiate a new health accord, the pro-Medicare movement is ready to push to ensure the agreement enforces the Canada Health Act and provides stable long-term funding.

Public health care advocates also sent letters outlining their priorities to MPs across the country and will meet for further discussion.

The Canadian Health Coalition is a public advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of Medicare.


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