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On April 9, a court case resumes in British Columbia that seeks to overturn the ban on private for-profit health care.

This case will likely  end up in the Supreme Court of Canada and threaten our entire public health care system.

Brian Day, CEO of a private for-profit clinic is seeking to have health care legislation overturned so that he can charge additional fees for private service. He wants access to health care to change from care based on medical need to one where care is based on the ability to pay. You can read more about the court case here.

We need your help to protect health care based on need. Sign and share the open letter to Brian Day here.

An Open Letter to Brian Day

Dear Brian Day, CEO,

As your court case against the government of British Columbia resumes, we the undersigned concerned Canadians have an important message for you: Please, stop this dangerous attack on our public health care system.

By demanding the right to bill patients additional user fees for access to private for-profit clinics you are eliminating the guarantee that health care for medically necessary services be provided based on medical need and not on the ability to pay. And, by demanding that patients have access to private insurance to pay for-profit fees you are eliminating the measures we have in our system that ensure care protocols and coverage are based on medical need and not profit.

Today you seek a decision in British Columbia. But, your case strikes at the heart of the Canada Health Act and we are coming together to speak to you now, before this goes too far.

You claim that creating a private second tier will somehow inject more money into the health care system and reduce wait times. With respect, no evidence exists to support this claim. In fact, all the evidence points to the opposite outcome. Ushering in the private sector means much longer wait times for those without the means to pay.

You don’t want the option to opt out and provide private care (that already exists). You want the right to private care subsidized by the public system. In other words, the right to double bill and add on to the public system with for-profit care paid for with a mix of public and private insurance. But, a second, private sector tier will not supplement the public system, it will pillage it. Pulling scarce resources, including precious physician time, to the private sector all for the sake of profit.

We urge you to stop this dangerous fixation on profit, and instead think of patients – all patients. Please drop this case and instead focus on health care based on need, not ability to pay


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