7 ways to make our public system better

Together we can make a difference. Help spread the words by sharing these priorities to improve our public health care system.

  1. Recruit and retain more health care professionals in the public system. Doctors should be banned from working both systems – this leads to longer wait times in the public system.
  2. Fix wait time problems within the public system. Manage wait lists better. Boost capacity by strengthening services in existing hospitals and building more innovative public hospitals and clinics.
  3. Extend public health care to include prescription drugs. This would deliver savings to provincial governments and deliver safe and cost-effective drug therapies to more Canadians.
  4. Stop contracting out hospital support services. Keeping them public is key to healthier patients and cleaner facilities.
  5. Improve the overall structure of health care delivery. Let’s reform front-line health care, deliver more public homecare, and create more public community health and long-term care facilities.
  6. Keep people healthy in the first place. Reduce poverty, poor nutrition and other “social determinants” of ill-health.
  7. Enforce the Canada Health Act and stop two-tier health care. Build on the successes of public health insurance programs and not-for-profit delivery. Two-tier care takes money away from patients and turns it into profits.


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