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“Unless there is a concerted effort to apply pressure on the Federal and Provincial governments, the erosion of Medicare will continue unabated and might even be accelerated. Our best hope lies in the Canadian Health..Read more


First National Medicare Week: Some cuts don’t heal

For the first time, communities across Canada joined forces to hold a week of action on Medicare. The theme of the week reflected the growing awareness that cuts to federal transfer payments and the spread..Read more


Success to keep health care out of NAFTA

Following the release of information showing the US and Canadian governments disagree on the degree to which NAFTA rules apply to the health sector, the CHC and the Canadian Union of Public Employees commissioned a..Read more


CHC presents a petition with 40,000 signatures to the Prime Minister

Supporters of Medicare called on Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to protect the integrity of public health care and not appease Alberta Premier Ralph Klein and other premiers advocating for-profit health care. 40,000 Canadians signed a..Read more


Protest at the Supreme Court of Canada

The CHC organized a press conference and media event in front of the Supreme Court of Canada during the Chaouilli Case


S.O.S. Medicare 2 conference in Regina

This S.O.S. Medicare 2 conference — which was inspired by Tommy Douglas’ vision for the future of Medicare — was held in Regina May 3-4, 2007. It was highly successful conference with over 38 expert..Read more


Action to mark the expiry of the Health Accord

The CHC organized a National Day of Action to mark the expiry of the 2004 Health Accord and the federal government’s refusal to meet with the premiers to renegotiate a new one. With our friends..Read more


Federal Election Campaign

In the 2015 Federal Election the CHC created a “Health Care for All” campaign in order to raise the profile of public health care and influence voters to support parties and candidates with strong positions..Read more


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