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Alberta Introduces Legislation to Ban For-Profit, Remunerated Plasma Collection

National – The Canadian Health Coalition is applauding the Government of Alberta for introducing Bill 3 the “Voluntary Blood Donations Act”, which aims to protect the security of supply of blood and plasma by banningRead More

Health Care Advocates Dismayed with Ottawa’s Divide and Conquer Tactics: Hopes for a Canadian Health Accord Dashed as Provinces Signs Deal

Toronto/Ottawa/Edmonton: The Ontario, Quebec and Alberta governments, which had initially held out for better, were compelled to sign onto a bilateral health funding deal with Ottawa today. In the federal election, the Trudeau government promisedRead More

Defending donor plasma collection

The introduction of a pay-for-plasma clinic in Canada poses a serious safety risk to the security of our blood supply. In the early 1980s, Canadians learned that their blood supply had become tainted with HIVRead More


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