Federal election cheat sheet

Make sure you pay attention to the details of what the various parties are offering. Just like when you buy a new cell phone plan, or an insurance policy, it’s important to pay attention toRead More

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Concluding evidence in defence of public health care in BC Charter challenge

Cambie Trial Update In the ongoing and lengthy Charter challenge to Canada’s public health care system taking place in BC, the final defence witness testified on June 19th.  Dr. John Frank presented evidence demonstrating thatRead More

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Guardians of Public Health Care Awards

These awards aim to recognize the tremendous work of their recipients on an issue related to protecting and expanding public health care that has a national focus or national implications. Who can be nominated? ThereRead More

40th Anniversary Student Video Competition

The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) is a public advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of public health care in Canada. We are thrilled to be celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2019! We areRead More

BC Court Case: Brian Day’s Credibility Problem

Does Brian Day admit that the Cambie clinic charge patients more than the province allows? Does he admit paying doctors more than the province allows? The answer to both those questions is yes and noRead More

Have your say for pharmacare

The federal government has set up an Advisory Council to look at putting in place a pharmacare plan for Canada. What this Council recommends will decide the kind of plan we get and who willRead More

We’re hiring!

The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) is looking for a new National Director of Policy and Advocacy. With oversight from the Board of Directors, the National Director, Policy and Advocacy is responsible for establishing strategic priorities, developingRead More

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Open Letter to Brian Day

We need your help to protect health care based on need. Sign the open letter to Brian Day below. Scroll down to read the open letter. ——- Dear Brian Day, CEO, As your court case against theRead More

Defending donor plasma collection

The introduction of a pay-for-plasma clinic in Canada poses a serious safety risk to the security of our blood supply. In the early 1980s, Canadians learned that their blood supply had become tainted with HIVRead More

National Medicare Week January 29-February 4, 2017

125 public health care advocates from across Canada will be in Ottawa this week to meet with over 100 Members of Parliament to call for the creation of a National Public Drug Plan. Related Links: One pagerRead More


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