Health Care Advocates Expect Federal Leadership

(Ottawa): This week supporters of the Canadian Health Coalition held meetings with Federal Members of Parliament in their constituencies from coast to coast to coast. These health care advocates are making it clear to MPs that health care will be a vote-deciding issue in the upcoming federal election.

With 40 meetings across the country, and many other health care advocates reaching their MPs by phone this week, it is clear that people across Canada are looking for federal parties to bring forward a strong vision for public health care.

“Canadians are proud of our public health care system, they depend on it and want to see it expanded to meet more of their needs,” says Melissa Newitt, Interim National Coordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition. “Specifically, people in Canada want to see a national drug plan and a strategy to care for our aging loved ones.”

Our public health care system is dependent on the leadership of our federal government to ensure stable funding and universal quality care for everyone. It is clear that voters will not only be asking questions on the ground during the upcoming election, they will also be voting for a party that presents a strong vision for public health care.

“We want to be very clear that we expect to see party platforms that include strong pieces on health care. We must have a federal government that takes their role in public health care provision seriously, the health of our nation depends on it,” says Newitt.

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