International Day of Older Persons

October 1 is  and the Canadian Health Coalition is pleased to offer our best to all older people in Canada. We are grateful to the contributions that older people have made both working within and outside our health care system, pushing for progressive change and building a public system that Canadians are deeply proud of.

Public health care was created during a time when Canada’s population was young and relatively healthy. Today, our population is older and many are facing chronic conditions. We need to extend the principles and criteria of the Canada Health Act into new areas like continuing care to ensure that all people in Canada can access the care they need and age with dignity.

The World Health Organization has declared the theme for 2016’s Day of the Older Person to be Take a Stand Against Ageism. It is now the job of younger generations to join with our older people and call for better continuing care so all people can access high quality public care regardless of their ability to pay, where they live, or their age.

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