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National Medicare Week: Health Care Advocates Send Strong Message to New Government

OTTAWA – This week health care advocates from coast to coast to coast are sending a message to our newly elected government – we expect strong action to preserve and expand our public health careRead More

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TPP compromises access to generic drugs: Justin Trudeau must make his position clear

OTTAWA, ONTARIO– Social and labour organizations are urging the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, to clarify his position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In an open letter, they expose the factRead More

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Health Coalitions react to Premiers call for increase in Federal funding

(St. John’s, NL): Health care advocates and Canadians across the country welcomed a statement from Premiers Thursday afternoon calling on the federal government to restore the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) to 25% of total healthRead More

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Health Care Advocates Expect Federal Leadership

(Ottawa): This week supporters of the Canadian Health Coalition held meetings with Federal Members of Parliament in their constituencies from coast to coast to coast. These health care advocates are making it clear to MPsRead More

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Court challenge to public health care could impact all Canadians: report

OTTAWA  – Medicare as we know it is being challenged in the British Columbia Supreme Court. In a report released yesterday Colleen Fuller outlines this most recent and serious attack on public health in Canada.Read More

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Budget 2015: No leadership on Public Health Care.

(Ottawa): For Canadians across this country access to quality public health care is a priority. But the 2015 budget shows once again that this priority is not shared by this Federal Government. This time lastRead More

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Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page and public health care advocates call for a new Health Accord.

Canada-wide: Today at 49 events across the country, Canadians are calling for the federal government to negotiate a new Health Accord. Stable funding and universal quality of health care for all Canadians require a newRead More

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