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Submission to UN Special Rapporteur

The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) was invited to take part in a consultation with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Physical and Mental Health during his official visit to Canada in NovemberRead More

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National Seniors Care Strategy

The Canadian Health Coalition is launching its campaign calling for a National Seniors Care Strategy. Most Canadians will rely on seniors care at some point in their lives. Our public health care system is currentlyRead More

Starting the Conversation about Seniors Care

One of the simplest ways of moving this issue forward is to start a discussion about seniors care. You can be a catalyst for change by sharing your story about seniors care with your family members, friends,Read More

Consensus for pharmacare

There is consensus among pro-pharmacare advocates about the principles that must underpin a national pharmacare program in Canada. Over 70 national, provincial and territorial organizations agree that Canadian pharmacare must be a single-payer system thatRead More

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BC Court Case: The Mystification Continued

Yesterday concluded Brian Day’s testimony in his case to remove the ban on extra-billing and private insurance in British Columbia with the provincial lawyer accusing Day of fraudulent billing activity at his private clinic. TheRead More

BC Court Case: Brian Day’s Credibility Problem

Does Brian Day admit that the Cambie clinic charge patients more than the province allows? Does he admit paying doctors more than the province allows? The answer to both those questions is yes and noRead More

Have your say for pharmacare

The federal government has set up an Advisory Council to look at putting in place a pharmacare plan for Canada. What this Council recommends will decide the kind of plan we get and who willRead More

Credibility of the man who seeks to privatize Canadian health care shaken again.

Public health care advocates will be watching second day of cross examination closely. The first day of his testimony in his Charter challenge to health care ended with a red-faced Brian Day as he wasRead More

BC Court Case: Health care based on need not on greed

Dr. Brian Day, owner and CEO of Cambie Surgeries Corporation and past president of the Canadian Medical Association has put Canadian Medicare on trial. And this week, after a long and much delayed court process,Read More

Health Care Advocates Urge Premiers to Keep Health Care on the Agenda

MEDIA ADVISORY – Ottawa: Premiers from across Canada are meeting this week in St. Andrews By-The-Sea, New Brunswick for the annual Council of The Federation. While there are a host of pressing issues, healthcare risksRead More


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